K7 Fitness Academy

Earlier this year, TaSa Digital got a chance to welcome on board one of our valuable brands, K7 Fitness and Kickboxing Academy. Covid times have been really tough for many businesses around the globe, keeping all the limitations in mind TaSa Digital took the big responsibility of making K7 Fitness and Kickboxing Academy voice their services to its potential. We wholeheartedly aimed to be a channel which not only help this academy reach its target audience but also for those individuals who were looking for a safe and comfortable workout environment, most importantly a hygienic one. Where they don’t need to worry about traffic or unpleasant weather while riding an exercise bike or jogging on a treadmill. Keeping all the facilities in mind we successfully ran a campaign for Yoga and meditation classes offered by internationally certified yoga instructor M. Ghazala Khan at K7 Fitness and Kickboxing Academy. We developed their flyer, from promo video to conceptualization, from shooting to editing and running ads on our page, our professionals were able to generate remarkable results.
You can watch the ad below where our masterminds brought the demand of our customer to life. They wrote a script, shot, directed, edited and delivered a final promo video in a story telling way. You can catch the highlights at link below:

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